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 Starting 1st of May we have begun collaborating with an excellent team of surgeons. We can now assist your with a variety of operations. Our services are also available during out of hours and in emergency situations.


  1. Veterinary examinations and medical treatment

  2. Vaccinations
  3. Microchipping

  4. Nail Clipping

  5. Express anal glands

  6. Blood/Urine testing and routine diagnostic work

  7. Medicines and diets

  8. Prescriptions

  9. Peaceful and compassionate euthanasia in the comforting environment of your pets own home if that sad time has come
10. Arrangements for general and individual cremation
11. Geriatric and non-invasive treatment for your lovely senior pet companion

12. Flea / worming treatment

13. Help pets pass with the stress fireworks / transport during holidays /home alone pets.



Our pets are our best friends and part of our family so making that end-of-life decision is heartbreaking, we as pet owners ourselves know only too well. Comfort can be taken by thinking of it as your last gift of love if you pet's quality of life has declined that much that all that is left is pain and suffering.

Vets Home Visit's promise is for all owners to have their say in their pets final moments, allowing you to ensure that you and your cherished companion can be in the most comfortable environment, your home. 

Knowing when the time has come can be difficult and confusing. As vets, who are compassionate and knowledgeable in end-of-life care, we can guide you through the decision making process.

A peaceful euthanasia can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. Some owners like to be there, some would rather leave the room. Every last detail will be in your control. The option of sedation pre-euthanasia to help them relax is also available and recommended.

Provision and arrangement of cremation or an individual cremation is part of our service to you, if you do not intend on a home burial.

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